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My Design

Here’s a look at some of the things that I’ve designed over the years using programs such as Photoshop & 3ds Max, all the way down to pencil on paper.

tap an image to open an album, but once you’ve reached the end of that album, scroll down the page as there are numerous other albums to check out.



<<< my take on some City Logo Replacements >>>

<<< My Uber Driver business/referral card design >>>

<<< JUST stuff I created over the years (logos, posters, photo edits, fb covers) >>>

<<< here we have the fucking inspire me posters I created during the short period that i ran fuckinginspire.me (expired). It was a website/fb page where I would create new inspirational posters such as the following. Contains explicit language >>>

<<< another one of my expired projects, Humans Kick Ass. It didn’t get very far. It was going to display a ton of motivational quotes such as the following, along with videos oh humans doing incredible things >>>


Drawings and sketches will be coming soon.