Over the years, I’ve always enjoyed listening and learning from people that have made it big in some way or another. I feel that there’s simply no better way to be successful (however you may look at it) quicker, than to learn from those who have already been through the long path of many, many, many failures.

We’re lucky to live in a time where motivational speakers can easily influence the masses by providing videos, books, images and blogs, on most cases one-hundred percent free! But seriously, why spend the time researching and learning certain things relating to business/growth on your own, when you can simply get rid of so many stepping stones, and get straight to the good shit? (please don’t actually answer that)

Alright! Here’s my personal list of most favored people who have taken time out of their lives to speak on camera and provide unsurpassed amounts of information and knowledge to myself and millions of others around the world over the years. I provided short 2-4 minute videos for everyone, too!



We’ll start off with the person I’ve been catching up and watching daily through his daily vlogs: Gary Vaynerchuk. He focuses a lot on the internet, and social media in particular. He makes daily vlogs to this day, and shares what he does on a day-to-day basis being Chairman of the $150 million company [VaynerX]. He is the CEO and Co-Founder of [VaynerMedia]. He is a [5x NYTimes Best Selling author]. He hasn’t made it ‘huge’, yet, but I very much do believe that he will one day be the owner of the NYJets, which is his ultimate goal in being who he is.

Gary on Facebook | Gary on YouTube | Gary on Twitter | Gary on Snapchat | Gary on Instagram | Gary on LinkedIn | Gary’s official podcasts | Gary’s official website



Next we have someone who I used to watch a lot of, and who got me back into watching these kinds of interviews and speeches again not that long ago: Tony Robbins. When he has his motivational speaks around the world, he interacts with the people in his massive crowds and really gives the greatest of advice and wisdom all around. Check him out on Facebook and YouTube. You won’t be disappointed.

Tony on Facebook | Tony on Twitter | Tony on YouTube | Tony on LinkedIn | Tony on Google+Tony’s official website



Then there are people such as Dwayne Johnson, who most of you would definitely know of. You may not come to think of it, but if you followed him on Facebook, you’d be quick to learn that he is a remarkable inspiration to everyone. Just fun, loving, caring, and very motivational in every way.

Dwanye on Twitter | Dwayne on Facebook | Dwayne on Instagram | Dwayne on YouTube



Next up, Kevin Rose. He is the founder of [Digg.com], one of the most popular sites of the mid-to-late 2000’s. He went on to create many more companies and does interviews with other successful people on his [YouTube show Foundation]. Been watching them and all his other videos lately as well. I’m actually watching/listening to Foundation as I write this very entry. 🙂

Kevin on Twitter | Kevin on YouTube | Kevin on Instagram | Kevin on Google+



Some may disagree, but I really look up to Mark Cuban and his incredible success, starting at an incredibly young age, and all due to hustle. He may come off as a know-it-all to some, but what do you want? He very much is a know-it-all in the many industries that he’s been a part of over the decades.

Mark interviews on YT | Mark on Facebook | Mark on Twitter | Mark on YouTube | Mark on Instagram



Here’s one that many may not think to learn from. He is the owner of Alibaba.com; Jack Ma. There is so much to learn from Jack. I didn’t know it until I researched it, but he really does have a lot to teach you, if you’re willing to listen to what he has to say. One of the greatest internet entrepreneurs of all time. He’s proof that failure is just fine.

Jack Ma interviews on YouTube



Here’s an interesting one. Do you have trouble remembering certain things? Names? I do. Names are a tough one for me; or at least, they were. I started watching interviews done with Jim Kiwk, and things really have gotten easier. I just learned of him a couple of weeks back, so I do have some catching up to do. His memory tricks make an impact, I have to say.

Jim Kwik interviews on YouTube



What’s there to say? He’s the Chief Executive of Amazon, one of the most successful companies on earth. Jeff Bezos is remarkable, and you really do have so much to learn from what he has to say when he’s being interviewed. If you’re trying to build a business, don’t miss out on Jeff Bezos’ words of wisdom through some failure, but ultimately success, over and over again.

Jeff Bezos interviews on YouTube


If you’re interested in learning from absolute MASTERS in their industries, don’t ever hesitate to search for interview videos done with Richard Branson, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, or any other public face of a majorly-successful company or corporation on YouTube. YouTube is an unlimited database of knowledge. Take advantage of it!!

Richard Branson interviews | Bill Gates interviews | Warren Buffet interviews


Side note: Read (the right kind of) books. Here’s a list of books that I’ve purchased over the years. I have six other ‘Best Seller’ knowledge-based books I plan to buy this year. These are the books I have at the moment:

Three simple things that’ll help you become successful: