Hello everyone. Kimberley had gotten us tickets to go and see Old Dominion’s “Happy Ending’s” tour stop in Edmonton on February 6th, and I’ve godda say, what a show it was!

Aside from Old Dominion, the show also featured Cold Creek County and The Washboard Union as openers, and both were just awesome as well.

For those of you that do enjoy listening to country, Kimberley got us pit tickets, and we got there early, so we had the best spots in the house, no question about it! We were directly in front of the stage itself, and the artists would consistently come stand right in front of us, not even an arm’s length away. I’ve never been this close at a concert, not even remotely; and I’ve only been to four concerts ever, so the experience is still very new to me every time.

Just a head’s up, the recording is just shy of 2 hours long, so make sure you’ve got the time allotted before hitting that play button. I can’t say that there’s any parts worth skipping. It was overall a really good performance by all artists, and there are a lot of close ups in the video. I will say that Old Dominion starts at 37:45 into the video in case anyone wanted to know that.

Without further ado, have a look & listen:

Thanks again, Kim! I had a really great time. :]

NOW View the clear & close-up photos [here]!