I’m really excited to share these photos with everyone. I took this on the eve of February 6, 2018, at Rogers Place arena in Edmonton, Alberta. This was the day Old Dominion’s “Happy Ending’s” tour wound up here. With them, they brought along The Washboard Union & Cold Creek County.

Here’s the full video I shot while standing directly in front of the stage: https://youtu.be/EHwfC6uq3IQ

Before getting started with the photos, I just wanted to make you aware that they are being displayed in the order that they were taken, so no guessing games here.

There are a total of 88 photos. That is 20 photos of Cold Creek County, 18 snaps of The Washboard Union, and 42 (mostly close-ups) of Old Dominion. Oh, and the final 8 are photographs of the large crowd that showed up to the event. What I love most about the photos is that the artists are almost always smiling, laughing & having the time of their lives! :]

Without further ado, here are the photos:

the band that started the night off; Cold Creek County!

Next up we have my shots of The Washboard Union crew!

And finally, here are the photos of Old Dominion!

As a bonus, here are some shots of the crowd as well!

I hope you enjoyed the photos & video!

Old Dominion, The Washboard Union & Cold Creek County, if any of you so happen to see this, please feel more than welcome to use any of the photos and do whatever you please with them. Marketing material, print, etc. You guys were all absolutely phenomenal, and these photos are sort of a way for me to be able to say thank you for that awesome performance. :]