I just came by one of my oldest online projects while looking through old shit. Touch Podium. It was an iPod Touch and iPhone blog myself and a couple other writers made and updated daily, from January 2008! That’s over 10 years ago!

From Touch Podium‘s sidebar:

Here at Touch Podium, we strive to bring you the most up-to-date news available within the iPod Touch industry. We’re here to help you.

I don’t think the iPhone was even out yet when this blog was initially released, but we eventually started writing about the iPhone as well. Remember the iPod Touch? How times have changed…

If you’re interested in having a peek at the old site, you can view it [here]. Notice that we eventually moved to a different domain and our own host (which is no longer up, of course), so any of the posts prior to February 8, 2008 are non-existent, despite running the site over 1.5 years. Over that time period, it was the first site that I ever created, that surpassed 1 million page views in a single year.

I find it really cool to look back at how crap I was back then. Haha, only kidding. It’s neat to see how far I’ve come though, yet so far to go still. I will be sharing more of my old or failed projects on Jody Direct in the near future! Thanks for reading. 🙂