Hello to everyone reading this! Thanks for taking a peek at my personal site; a place where I can speak my mind and write about what’s going on in my life, along with current and future projects I plan on working on.

I’ll be honest — I wasn’t really planning on starting this site up, but the “jody.direct” domain name was purchased 1 year ago for a few bucks, and I never ended up using it… Oops. The reason I waited until over a year after purchasing this domain to start this site probably isn’t any guesses that you could ever come up with, so here it is: This domain name was set to “auto-renew”, and although I got the domain last year for $5 for 1 year (as a promotion), this was not the yearly renewal rate of the domain name itself. It’s actually $52 per year! So, when I saw the auto-renewal bank charge in my account and knew that there was nothing I could do to refund my money once the domain name’s been renewed, I went ahead and started this site up. Sure, I’ll forget about $5 every now and again, but I surely won’t let $52 just slip away unused, so here we are! This may come to good use one day. Who knows.

I’ve had my Facebook account now for over 12 years. Just writing that and thinking of it makes you wonder just how fast time has been flying by.

Over the past few years, with projects such as Shoutout Canada and Missing Report, I’ve come to notice that it really doesn’t take much for Facebook to temporarily ban a loyal Facebook user of over a decade. I’ve been temporarily banned from using my Facebook profile (which in turn means I am banned from doing anything on any of my Facebook pages), roughly 7 or 8 times at this point. The first 5 or 6 bans were only three-to-seven days in length, whereas the last two were actually 30 day bans. Ridiculous. The bans are caused by posts that are made anonymously on the Shoutout Sudbury & Shoutout Edmonton pages, so I’ve been attempting to be more careful with what I allow on the Facebook pages. People in turn have to click out to the Shoutout website to read some of the posts, which although is annoying, has to be done to protect the page’s future existence.

Anyway, not much else to say on this first post. Next entry I’ll talk about Shoutout Canada, what I’ve been working on, what’s to come, and how I plan on getting there. Thanks a ton for reading, and be sure to check back soon as I plan on adding a photography page, a projects page, and more. — Jody Mitoma