I signed up to be one of 32,000 other recipients of one of Parliament Hill’s Canadian flags. Unbeknownst to me, they change the main Peace Hill flag on every weekday, and the east and west flags roughly 200 times combined, per year. There are 5 flags in total.

I came by [a post on reddit] that showed someone receiving one of the flags, so I looked into it, as did hundreds of other reddit users. Many have left comments on how they remember receiving flags in year’s passed.

I find this pretty cool. Come the year 2092 however, I will be 104 years old, if still alive though, so yeah… But I signed up just in case they decide to fly more flags, or start shipping out more flags, despite being flown or not. It would be really neat to own a Canadian flag that was flown at Parliament Hill though, despite them being absolutely massive in size.

Anyway, if you’d like to sign up for one (waiting list of 74 to 82 years, depending on which flag), you can sign up [here]!

Weird, I know. Kind of cool though. I didn’t know this existed until I saw the reddit post just yesterday.

The image above was taken from the reddit post.