Hey everyone. So I’ve decided this afternoon that I am going to transfer my sites to SiteGround.com hosting. It is ranked #1 in many “top hosting” lists, and I’ve been with them twice in past years, and I have zero complaints. I miss them, actually. Their support is second-to-none, and their hosting speeds are exceptional, let alone the tools they have for you to use.

Thing is, I’m going to have to purchase 2 different hosting plans with them, because I’m hoping all of my sites and their large number of visitors on a daily basis will be able to handle the two “shared hosting” plans altogether. If not, I’ll get 3. I want to stick with shared hosting because it is usually a ton faster than getting “cloud hosting”, which is the next step up. In order to get fast enough speeds via cloud hosting however, you have to get the 3rd tier level, which is usually $150+/month, which I am not down for. Getting the top tier “shared hosting” x3 is even cheaper, at $15/month x3, which would be $45/month.

Right now I am using InMotionHosting.com‘s lowest tier “cloud hosting” option, which is costing $70/month, and I’ve come to notice that my websites are all running far too slowly, hence the upcoming change, once I’ve got the $360 to slap down on 2 full year terms/plans. (There’s a discount when first signing up a new account, which is why I am not paying monthly, but rather yearly for the first term. After the discount term is up, each shared hosting plan will cost $40/month, bringing costs back up to $80/month if I have two plans/accounts. That’s fine though, because like I mentioned earlier, SiteGround is much better/faster than InMotionHosting, in my own opinion. InMotionHosting is still great, just not as great.

With all of that said, I may be able to start off with just one 3rd tier “shared hosting” with SiteGround, then transfer half my sites to a second account at a later date. The 3rd tier shared hosting with SiteGround can supposedly support up to 100,000 monthly visitors, and all my sites combined are currently receiving roughly 150,000 monthly visits. We’ll see how that works out…

Anyway, just putting my thoughts out there. I can use this as a self-reminder too, so that’s great. Have a lovely weekend, everyone!